The Restorative Liberty Project acknowledges the depth and breadth of the harm caused by government programs that attempt to control and limit personal responsibility and self-reliance. By emphasizing strengths over weaknesses and opportunities over obstacles the Restorative Liberty Project Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.12.21 PMcreates a culture of success for America and the American people. Completer the form to receive regular Restorative Liberty Project updates.

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Strength-Based Team


Did you know Frederick Douglass, a former slave, asked nothing from the federal government. Douglass, a major historical figure in American history, visualized liberty as the absence of government control.  His wish was for the Black man to survive and thrive by his own hand.

Did you know Cesar Chavez, a hero in the American Hispanic labor movement, was completely opposed to illegal aliens and was an an ardent supporter of American sovereignty. Chavez knew that illegal aliens were a major threat to economic security for farm workers.

Both of these men were Strengthers. Both believed in individual initiative and personal responsibility.

Strengthers believe in autonomy and are committed to restoring self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty in America.  Click here to learn more about the strength-based movement and what can be done in our families, communities and businesses to end the culture of dependency in America and restore a culture of success.


The story of America can be summed up in one single word: Opportunity.   Despite unbelievable risks to their lives and the lives of their families, the Founders stood firm and committed, driven not by a desire for personal power and wealth but by the singular goal of creating a Country based on individual liberty and self-reliance; a land of opportunity.  Our Founders created a country that valued not what man could control but what man could create. It is our birthright to be free and independent.

Unfortunately, generations of Americans have been socialized over the past 100 years to believe government and the corporate world plays a key role in their lives.  From providing basic services to material benefits, America has evolved into a culture of dependency where individual initiative and creativity have been replaced with complacency and compliance.

To move from a state of dependency and restore the American culture of success, requires Citizens, families and communities to renew their faith in individual initiative and personal responsibility. By emphasizing strengths over deficits and possibilities over obstacles, we can reclaim the legacy of American exceptionalism and once again America can be the land of opportunity.


Our talents and strengths drive our success but only if we take advantage of opportunities.  Our Founders were committed to the ideal government should be a supporting partner in ensuring Americans have the opportunity to create their own individual culture of success.  Our Constitution was established so Citizens, families and communities could thrive with a minimum interference by government.

Reestablishing liberty and independence in America begins at the local level by educating, organizing and mobilizing Citizens.  Citizens who view their government as out of step with their values are likely candidates to get involved.

Join the Strengthers movement to connect with other Americans to create your own personal culture of success.  You do not need to wait for Congress or even your state legislature to act.  Your kitchen table is where the action begins.  Meet with your friends and neighbors.  Develop a plan to increase self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty.

Create regulation-free zones, parent driven schools, and faith-based initiatives.  Demand and an end to a tax system that is replete with waste, fraud and abuse.  Become a participant in the cause for liberty.

Restoring the American Culture of Success

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